Kann mann ein ps3 Controller für ps2 benutzen?

Januar 21, 2022 · Posted in Allgemein · 3 Comments 

Selbstverständlich nicht :D
Die PS3 hat einen eingebauten Bluetooth-Empfänger damit man drahtlos spielen kann.
Hätte die PS2 sowas, würde es dann Sinn machen, trotzdem Kabel dranzubasteln?

Greetz, Dumme Katze


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Playstation und Handy?

Januar 21, 2022 · Posted in Allgemein · 1 Comment 

Ganz einfach:
1. Lege die Musik CD in den Playstation 3 ‘Schlitz’
2. Verbinde via Bluetooth oder einen Samsung S5230 Kompatiblen USB Connector.
3. Jetzt Kopiere von der CD auf dein Handy.



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kann man bei der alten playstation 2 auch singstar spielen??

Januar 21, 2022 · Posted in Allgemein · 4 Comments 

Na klar hab auch ne Playstation 2 zuhause und Singstar funktioniert einwandfrei :P

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Which is best ps3 move or xbox kinect?

Januar 21, 2022 · Posted in Allgemein · Comment 

*NOTE: You could skip to the baseline if you don’t want to read this wall of text, but since it’s a pretty big investment I would suggest you to read everything!*

I hate people who don’t know what they’re talking about. They just hate on Move because they’re Xbox fan boys. I will try to get this as clear as possible, without any personal fan boy opinions.

First off, I just want to say PlayStation Move is not a Wii rip off. It was being developed years before the Wii was announced. It doesn’t even use the same technology! Wii uses IR, and move uses the camera to track the lit-up bulb. Maybe Sony stopped to develop the project because they didn’t think that it would succeed, but after they saw how big sales Wii got, maybe they changed their mind.

If you like causal (sport games, workout games, child games) games you should get kinect. If you want variation in the motion gaming choose Move. Move will get (and already has) shooters, adventure and other kind of games, whereas it’s very hard to design a fps or adventure game for Kinect since you cant use anything to move your character (move has a navigation controller, equivalent to the nun chuck in Wii).

I watched a live broadcast of people playing Kinect about a week ago. It worked MOST of the time , but the delay and lack of the games (other than casual games) made them think it wasn’t that good.

Yes, microsoft have spent far more money on adverts for kinect, and it will probably get bigger. But kinect has big limits too, which makes less developers want to make games for it (this is fact). Move is a slow burner, and people will have to try it before they buy it. Most people won’t be convinced to buy from the ads, but it has a steady market, and lot’s of genres it can be used in. Some of the really big game companies that create games are already developing games for the move.

Now for the price. Kinect with one game costs 203.94$ on amazon. That’s all you need to have. PlayStation move is 99 for the camera, a game, and one motion controller. I recommend you to buy one extra motion controller if you get PlayStation Move, because then you can get the full experience. Having 4 is overkill in my opinion, many games will not even support four. If you’re going to play adventure games or shooters you would also want a navigation controller. For one starter package, one extra motion controller and one navigation controller, the whole thing lands on 202.85$. So there’s basically no difference in the pricing.

If you want casual games or family games, get Kinect. You’re kids will think it’s great fun (if you have kids), and it’s probably a good buy if you plan to play games on parties etc.

If you want more adventure games, shooters, etc you should get PlayStation Move. Of course it also has sports games (Sports Champions is a great example), but it can be a bit hard for people not used to do 1:1 real life movements in games to play it properly. I’ve experienced many people just trying to flick the motion controller, and they have become very frustrated and thought it’s too hard. Sports Champions is very realistic, and it’s feels really rewarding to win against the tougher opponents since it requires skill.

Just choose the one that fits you best.

Please don’t call me a fan boy; I haven’t made a single comparison in the text above not based on facts…..

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Tekken endgegner freischalten?

Januar 21, 2022 · Posted in Allgemein · 1 Comment 

Die besten Cheats hab ich bisher immer hier gefunden, evtl. findest Du auch, was Du brauchst!


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