Sony PS Vita (NGP) Overview

Juli 13, 2011 · Posted in Videos zu Playstation 

A complete overview of Sony’s upcoming PS Vita (NGP) device. Check out the details: Sony PSP 2 Vita (NGP) Overview Sony PSP 2 Vita (NGP) Overview Sony PSP 2 Vita (NGP) Overview Sony PSP 2 Vita (NGP) Overview ( Extra Tags: “PSP 2 Overview” “Sony NGP Overview” “Sony PSP…

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25 Responses to “Sony PS Vita (NGP) Overview”

  1. casey69schofield on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    I see that At&t will be the carrier for the wifi what do you think I know with the older psp they tryed to ues T-moile and since T-mobile USA is getting bough out by AT&T that is why AT&T is going to 4G do you have to have a contract to get your games or the device?

  2. Mars08111 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    I think PS Vita is going to make it mostly because the graphics on it look amazing, and if you think about it thats all people care about now and days, also Iphone apps are starting to become stupid so PS Vita all the way

  3. M34nPuppyDog on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    its called psvita

  4. MySchokoShake on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    yes u can use skype and u can call somebody with skype!

  5. Addison0526 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    yeah quadcore how do you think they can just port over games from the ps3.

  6. splendidsahil on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    But one question. Can you use skype on it and make phone calls? If yes then that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! plzzz reply.

  7. splendidsahil on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    Quadcore in a little think like that? WOW thats amazing.

  8. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    or if the blue tooth would allow you to conect to a bluetooth tvs. for in car trips or just any blue tooth accesory such as speakers or what ever. i always expect to much though and know one could ever make a console or a device that i wouldnt give upgrade advice on.

  9. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    one other thing that would be awsome is if you could connect the console to your tv by av cords or hdmi. so you can increase the size of the screen that would be incredible i know its a portable device but this would still be a great feature pluss if they had games were you could sync with freinds such as raceing and fighting games were you could all link to a big tv for split screen that would be awsome too

  10. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    also last but not least it would be nice if the playstation 3 store and the vita were one in the same. also if i buy a game on playstation three i should be able to get it on my vita for an extra 10$. that would be awsome also. maybe a yearly membership could decrease the price of the games. or atleast compensate for it. any way those are my thoughts and the internet on the phone should be fast and smooth. hopefully it has java or atleast able to stream videos online directly form the main sites

  11. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    should carrie over to your vita. it would also be nice to use your psn id on your vita. the technologys out there sony use it. quicker than what your doing because you need to keep ahead of microsoft. that kinect can do some crazy stuff, get on it sony. also it takes experience to do things like this and apple is already ahead of you in that aspect. another thing to remember when your launching thease devices dont link them directly to the psn right away. remember security comes first.

  12. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    I hope they put call of duty on it. also all other fps that are out today for the ps3 and they inclue some type psn for the vita. so we can play multi player online. it would be awsome if i could use the internet off my phone to power it, like i do for my lap top. it would be even better if some of thease phones they are comeing out with have online multiplayer. also psh for those psh lovers. playstation home not for me but deffinitly should include and also being a playstation plus member

  13. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    Can i put my kontol freaks on it lol.

  14. 99thematrix on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    actually now days he could compare it to a smart phone easily. I actually got that impression when i saw it. my android looks pretty bad ass so that may not be a bad thing.

  15. beepsbobby1 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    whats the graphics

  16. mike47912 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    @KREEP99 i know its amazing.

  17. mike47912 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    @BSrock4life566 yes.that’s why i’m getting the the wifi only.

  18. KeybladeX31 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    i prefer PS Vita over an iTouch any day because of the 3G… and Little Big Planet for that :D

  19. whitemanwii on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    OMG! I can’t wait for this xD

  20. BSrock4life566 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    do you have to pay for 3g

  21. DELUXX420 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    @daanmagier its gona be $250.00 and $299.00 with 3g

  22. KREEP99 on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    its so cool how u can know have friends and trophies.

  23. daanmagier on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS Vita is end 2011 worldwide available as Wi-Fi model for a price of 249 Euro and as Wi-Fi/3G-model for 299 Euro.

    From: Official Playstation Site.

  24. daanmagier on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    @DELUXX420 I’d guess this one will be between 100 and 300 euro’s. Cant tell ya.

  25. USMCSoldierSalute on Juli 13th, 2011 23:23

    First! Anyways, cool. I watched E3 and was hoping to see if I could find some video of the PSV. I can’t wait for this to come out!

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