Fifa 2009 Video Review (Ps2)

März 15, 2020 · Posted in Allgemein · 6 Comments 

An in-depth review on fifa 2009 for the ps2. It’s not the best quality, sorry. The Verdict: Presentation: 7.5 Pretty good design for a Ps2 game, but not the best possible. Created Players look nothing like you most of the time. Graphics: 7.5 OK for today’s standards. Loading times can be somewhat long sometimes. Sound: 8 Love the music and commentary is vastly improved. On-the-pitch sounds are unchanged. Gameplay: 8.5 Fifa is the best soccer sim around, and Manager Mode makes it all the better and one of my favorite games. Controls can sometimes be messy, however, and there are less tutorials to accompany the new difficulty. Lasting Value: 8.5 Created Teams, 10-year manager modes and custom leagues with over 100 players and 100s of teams- great! There is also challenge mode which can get you loads of fun unlockables, but can be difficult. Cheaper than Fifa 10 and actually better, too. Overall: 8/10 Fifa 2009 is not a vast improvement, but more options and modes are a great treat and it is the best footie sim on the ps2 to date.

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Wie kann man das benötigte Format (Video) in Media Manager umwandeln?

Januar 4, 2020 · Posted in Allgemein · 3 Comments 

Die PSD kann nur bestimmte Videoformate abspielen. Du musst die Videos vorher ins richtige Format umwandeln. XMedia Recode ist ein kostenloser Videokonverter der direkt fertige Profile zum Umwandeln von Videos für PSD hat.

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Fifa 09 End of Season

August 18, 2019 · Posted in Allgemein · 25 Comments 

Watch in HD! Finally! I got my ps3 back and I got the Hauppauge working! So now it all works! This is my final Fifa 09 video – I’ll be waiting for the Fifa 10 demo – then I’ll make more :) The player in the arena – is a BAP player named FifaRalle – he plays for Brøndby IF if someone were wondering. Later he moves to Manchester United. In the start he has number 14 for United and later 25 – it’s because I changed him back to Brøndby and then back to United again – I had to edit something in …

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FIFA Manager 09 – Trailer

November 20, 2018 · Posted in Allgemein · 25 Comments 

German Version

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Dezember 15, 2017 · Posted in Allgemein · 25 Comments 

THIS WILL HELP PEOPLE WHO FIND IT DIFFIULT TO PLAY MANAGER MODE IN FIFA 09 THIS IS HOW TO INCREASE A PLAYER’S OVERALL IN FIFA 09. USE YOUR EXP. ON THESE STATS FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS: CB Marking, Standing Tackle SW Positioning, Marking, Standing Tackle RB/LB – Marking, Standing Tackle RWB/LWB Marking, Standing Tackle CDM Positioning, Ball Control, Short Passing, Marking, Standing Tackle CM Short Passing, Long Passing CAM Ball Control, Dribbling, Short Passing RM/LM Ball Control, Crossing, Dribbling, Short Passing RW/LW Acceleration, Crossing, Dribbling CF Ball Control, Dribbling, Finishing RF/LF Dribbling, Finishing ST Acceleration, Finishing, Heading Acc., Shot Power IF YOU STILL HAVE ANY QUESTIONS MAIL ME ON YOUTUBE OR COMMENT. HERE IS ANOTHER LINK FOR HELP ON MANAGER MODE: HOPE THIS HELPED :) SONG: I WANT IT THAT WAY

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Ähnliche Spiele wie Fifa Manager (20)10?

Juni 19, 2012 · Posted in Allgemein · Comment 

Hey ;) Ich bin ein großer Fan vom Fussballmanager 2010. Du könntest ihm Fifa 10 oder Pro Evolution Soccer 10 (PES) schenken. Wenn es doch ein Managerspiel sein sollte dann gibt es noch Championship Manager. Mir persönlich gefallen PES 2010 und Fussballmanager 2010 am besten.
Viel Spaß :)

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PSP Media Manager funktioniert nicht richtig.Was tun?

November 23, 2011 · Posted in Allgemein · 1 Comment 

Nein, leider funktioniert der neue Media Manager nur noch mit einer angeschlossenen PSP.

Du schaltest Deine PSP an, und gehst ganz nach links in der Crossbar und wählst USB Verbindung.

Wenn Du schon eine Firmware größer als 5.00 auf Deiner PSP hast, schaltet sich die USB Funktion automatisch an.

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Playstation Download – Psp Go Download Center

Oktober 6, 2011 · Posted in Videos zu Playstation · Comment PSP Go Download Center contains over 200000 Downloads making it the Biggest Database for the PSP! PSP Go Download Center is complete database where you can find the newest and your favorite Games, Movies, Music, Software and much more!

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Musik importieren Fussball Manager?

September 7, 2011 · Posted in Allgemein · Kommentare deaktiviert 

Da wird es eine importliste geben. Such mal in den Dateien (Dateiinhalt) nach den vorhandenen Liedern. Wenn du Glück hast ist die nicht birär und du kannst sie ändern. sonst gegen die vorhandene Musik austauschen.

Gefunden durch:wlw de

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how to make money in fifa 09 manager mode

Juli 29, 2011 · Posted in Allgemein · 25 Comments 

make money easily on fifa 09 manager mode wii this is not a cheat

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